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Live Stream the Action

Live Stream Alliance Hockey via LiveBarn.  Watch On Demand for 30 Days.  Save and share highlights.  Never miss a moment.

A LiveBarn subscription gives you access to watch ALL LiveBarn venues across the US & Canada - no need to sign up for a specific league or venue.

For more information about GameOn Stream and LiveBarn, click here.

Alliance Hockey Live Stream LiveBarn
How to Sign Up for LiveBarn

1. Visit

2. Enter and verify your email address.

3. Select your plan type.  Enter venue promo code for a 10% discount.

4. Enter credit card billing information.

5. Agree to the terms of conditions.

6. Subscribe!

How to Watch Live or On Demand 1. Log in via browser ( or via LiveBarn iOS or Android App.

2. Search for the venue you would like to watch. Click the heart to mark it as a favorite for easy access.

3. Click on streams and select Live or VOD. For VOD, select the date and choose an AM/PM time segment.

4. While viewing, you can switch between Live & VOD, viewing surface, date, and time.

5. Share, submit and save highlights directly from your mobile or desktop device.

6. Don't forget to submit your highlights to LiveBarn right from VOD and we'll include them in our Top Plays Highlight Videos!

LiveBarn has expanded coverage and is now broadcasting from over 3,000 locations in the US & Canada. With access to all our rinks and fantastic new features, your subscription is now more valuable than ever.  Sign up for LiveBarn and live stream all the OMHA action... or watch On Demand for 30 days. 

Player Analysis is Here
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Subscribers now have the ability to purchase single-game breakdowns focused on an individual player’s performance. Receive condensed spotlight videos and heat maps, all within hours of the game with more analytics on the way.

Tag Plays in Real Time
live tagging

No need to search VOD or try to record video during the game. Push a button on your mobile device every time you want to save a clip (while watching live, in-venue). We'll automatically email the video to you. No extra work involved, it's that easy.