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LiveBarn is the global leader and trusted source for live streaming of amateur and youth sporting events. As the official supplier of live and on-demand video streaming services for swimming pools utilized by USA Swimming member clubs, LiveBarn will install live streaming technology in pools across the country at no cost to the venue.

Become part of a mutually beneficial relationship!

Partner Benefits Include:

  • Live streaming technology is provided at no cost to the facility.

  • Swimmers, families, coaches, and more can access live streaming and on-demand replays from meets held at your pool.

  • Quarterly percentage revenue share based on subscribers gained via your personal venue code.

  • Continuous support and marketing assistance.

Subscriber Benefits Include:

  • Watch Live & On Demand (for 30 days)

  • Tag Live Events and automatically receive highlights via email

  • Download, save and share 30-second or 30-minute video segments

  • Review meets & practices

  • Build your resume reel

  • Watch on any device, anytime, anywhere

“Our new relationship with LiveBarn offers a no-cost streaming solution to the facilities that serve our member clubs and we are excited about the benefits to those pool operators. Our athletes deserve world-class aquatics facilities in which to train and compete, and this is a major step in providing better services to them.”
“We are very proud to be partnering with USA Swimming as their official streaming supplier. Together, our goal is to ensure that our offering serves the best interests of USA Swimming and its member organizations. We look forward to bringing our technology to all of the parents, coaches and athletes affiliated with USA Swimming so that they never miss a moment.”



LiveBarn x SwimNerd

LiveBarn has partnered with SwimNerd to bring digital scoreboards and on-demand meet results to LiveBarn affiliated pools. Currently compatible with timing systems Daktronics, SST, Colorado 5, 6, & 7 Legacy, LiveBarn will purchase the software license and hardware to provide a digital scoreboard on your pool's LiveBarn video stream regardless of whether or not you have a physical scoreboard at your venue. The scoreboard overlay is currently implemented on iOS, Android, and desktop streams (Apple TV coming soon).


Various Camera Placements

Whether your pool is indoor or outdoor, 25 yards or 50 meters, LiveBarn installations will work with you to determine the optimal camera placement to ensure every event in your facility is covered.

Bring LiveBarn to Your Pool!

From revenue share to marketing assistance, joining LiveBarn is a great way to promote your facility!

LiveBarn Swim Venues

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